Exhibition or Conference Registration System

On-site registration is mainly for walk-in visitors who do not return their pre-registration form. Another purpose is to accommodate those who have pre-registered to collect their badge at the venue.

There are three types of badges.

(i) Contactless Card (with built-in chip and barcode)
(ii) PVC Card (with barcode)
(iii) Paper badge (with barcode)

The on- site paper badge printing process takes 2-4 sec. As for the credit card system, leadtime for printing visitor's name, company, and country will be 5 seconds. One with photo ID will take no more than 2 minutes.

Each visitor has a unique bar-coded number on the badge. Barcode readers are used at all entrances to capture every entry. A clearing program will be executed to generate the following reports:

(a) Total Entry - Visitors
(b) Total Return - Visitors
(c) Total visitors by country
(d) Total visitors by hall entrance
(e) List of paid and unpaid delegates
(f) Any other data analysis